We are a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching boys and girls the sport of lacrosse. We facilitate opportunities for them to participate in local sporting events, competitions and programs that are positive and developmental.

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Spring 2020 Season is just around the corner.  Our first town classic games for the U11-U15 age groups will be played April 5th.  Each age group for our U11-U15 will have two Teams (Blue & White) which we do our best to divide evenly.  Our first two weekends of games will be played away because historically our fields are unplayable early on.  Also, there are no games on April 12th.  We currently are not sure when we will be able to access our grass fields.  We always hope to be out there practicing by the last week of March but history has told us to rent some indoor time just in case.  Below is the practice schedule for age groups U9-U15 starting March 25th at Danvers Indoor Sports.  We will also be practicing all age groups on the Pingree Turf on Sunday March 29th (times to be set).  We will send out updates throughout the month:


March 25th:

U13: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 2

U15: 6:30pm-7:30pm  FIELD 6

March 26th:

U11: 6pm-7pm  FIELD 6

U13: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 2

U15: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 6

March 27th:

U9: 5pm-6pm  FIELD 2

March 31st:

U11: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 2

U13: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 6

U15: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 5

April 1st:

U13: 6:30pm-7:30pm  FIELD 6

U15: 7pm-8pm  FIELD 2

April 3rd:

U9: 6pm-7pm  FIELD 5

U11: 6pm-7pm  FIELD 6